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  •         ▣Best fishing game of 2018!▣ Try to catch [Real Ʊ𡪹ٷַ22270.COM,Monster fish] You will receive fishing gears for free~ This is the chance to go around the vacation destinati...

Ʊ𡪹ٷַ22270.COM,Monster Fishing 2018

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▣Best fishing game of 2018!▣ Try t [详情]

▣Best fishing game of 2018!▣ Try to catch [Real Ʊ𡪹ٷַ22270.COM,Monster fish] You will receive fishing gears for free~ This is the chance to go around the vacation destinations around the world! Go fishing with simple, one-touch controls. If you are already a fisherman, you will be the top of the league! New to fishing? Don't worry! We will prep you up for a success~^^ Ultimate fishing game! ※Features ※ ☞ Fully enjoy the game without spending a dime! ☞ Fish for whales without buying game items! ☞ No internet connection required! ☞ No additional downloads! ☞ Support for automatic fishing! 1. Super Realistic Full 3D Real Fishing Feels like you are in the Pacific ocean! More than 250 species of Full 3D fishes! 2. Experience the ocean around the globe!fisher! 30 of the world's best fishing spots! 3. Your palms will sweat! Total immersion with realistic interface and controls! 4. Pack your fishing rods, reels, fishing lines and baits! Get your free fishing gear now! Fun with upgrading your gears~ Fishing Games for kids! Fishing is Sports! Fish!Fish!Fish!~fishing games for free! ▣ Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/nexelonFreeGames ▣ WARNING: Fishing all day could cause health issues App Permissions Notice: ▶ We require below permissions for gameplay - WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission for the game data storage - READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission to import your saved game data These permissions are soley for analyzing installs and gameplays. ※ If you selectively allow permissions, you will still be able to access features that don't require the permissions. ※ If you are using Android version lower than version 6.0, you can not set a selective access separately, we recommend that you upgrade to 6.0 or later. ▶How to withdraw acess? After the agreeing the access rights, you can reset or revoke access rights as follows: [OS 6.0 or later] Settings> Apps & notifications > Select your app> Permissions > Withdraw the acess [before OS 6.0] Upgrade your operating system and follow above steps or delete the app ★Warning★ 1. Deleting or switching mobile device will reset the app data 2. The product contains in app purchase feature. If you agree to make a purchase, you will be billed. ▶ Facebook http://www.facebook.com/nexelonFreeGames Lets fishing! Free fishing! Best fishing! Shark fishing!

开发者:Nexelon inc.

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